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Full-service solutions to grab and maintain your audience, testing - music library in a mix of core, filler and potential songs; tune-in & tune-out factors, on air talents, talk versus music quality; programme elements and content recognition.

A survey campaign via Google Adwords allows to gather 'radio universe' feedback nationally or from specifically selected cities. Participants will complete the screening questionnaire according to the sample parameters.
Web surveys (online) have become the dominant method of survey data collection; they provide enormous opportunities to carry out user-friendly music and programme studies. Fees offered for valid respondents only! Web-app: Demo of the ONLINE SURVEY

The Radio Survey as a smartphone application means that you can use the most convenient device to collect opinions of your listeners.

On-site auditorium surveys to carry out large-scale content testing, assisted by moderator; more complex interviews and free-form replies. 700 songs get tested within 2 hours. Respondents evaluate the whole concept - at the same time, at the same place and in the same qualitative way. On the location: EQUIPMENT for collecting responses

Correlation Analysis reveals how well one song correlates with all other songs. Songs are grouped by the audience who prefers it regardless of their age or gender. In essence, it identifies potential formats and their corresponding audiences. As the result the station will have several format options to go with.
" No station has an exclusive lock of its audience - before a listener comes to your station, he spent some time on a competitor, and he or she are likely to go back to a different station after spending some time on yours


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