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No station has an exclusive lock of its audience. Music burn is especially vulnerable to the combined effect of rotations on all stations in the market, not only on your station. Cumulative music usage by all kind of music platforms has impact on FM radio audiences. Total music knowledge includes gathering metadata of 'similar songs' within the format range (using consolidated database of Youtube, Last FM, MusicBrainz, Spotify, iTunes, etc with 34 mil songs).

Rotation audit measures when your competitors are playing some certain music selection.
We provide weekly statistics of total music play, detailed analysis of rotation principles and music overlap. We audit the music performance and policies of a station, in order to identify potential problems with scheduling - such as imbalanced rotations or same-day repetition and song-burn due to imbalanced replenishment of the active library; to avoid under/over-serving certain music.

" Only precise knowledge allows you to provide better music service and grow your audience

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